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1. Fill in project brie­fing

1. Fill in project briefing

Email us the Complete project briefing. Our expert will gladly discuss project details with you.

2. Receive candi­date propo­sals

2. Receive proposal

You will receive customised suitable proposals within 48 hrs in addition you will get to know similar case studies.

3. Complete contract online

3. Online Contracts Engagement

Once you have chosen your proposal we will prepare the contract.

4. Focus on project work

4. Focus on project work

You can focus on the content and we will handle the administrative tasks, such as time recording, invoicing, and feedback.

Our promise



Identify the Strategic focus for AI Development.



Design and Development of AI Solution followed by Pilot.



End to End AI Deployment of AI Solution.

AI solution delivery Methodology

CTRL+F Inspiration

Technology Gap

Technology Gap

  • AI is technology rich with no clear winner
  • Scale cloud platforms providing many competing "generic" AI solutions
  • Multiple competing core AI technologies and methodologies for evaluations
Execution Gap

Execution Gap

  • AI models design is complex
  • Consider model visualisation, model transparency, AI bias, ethics, model degradation, safety, reliability, security.
Knowledge Gap

Knowledge Gap

  • AI skills are technical
  • Business and domain expertise is not natural
  • Ai teams need immersion in business processes and problems to learn
Skills Gap

Skills Gap

  • AI skills are expensive and rare
  • An internal AI practice requires data strategists, data scientists, data analysts, data cleaners, infrastructure engineers, coders, integration specialists and more

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AI Design and Delivery

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  • Competition Platform
  • Cloud Solutions

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