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Digitization of content is considered as a preservation strategy for materials that are in fragile formats and should not be used frequently. Content digitization involves conversion of print and other materials into an electronic format to allow easy accessibility, sharing and searching and linkage with related material. NETSOFT provides digitization of content from archives, images, books, and other documents into a wide range of digital formats for archive and Web delivery purposes.

  • Data capture/OCR
  • Electronic manuscript and traditional keyboarding
  • Specialty scanning
  • Color separations & corrections
  • Page layout and composition
  • Indexing and Cross-referencing
  • Proofreading & editing
  • Conversion to/from XML and PDF
  • Repurposing source content for CD
  • Repurposing source content for web (e-Books / eJournals)
  • Digital archival services

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